We Are BIM

When taking part in the Bachelor of Science in Management at ESCP Europe, you get involved in a great deal of team work. You are assigned groups, and throughout the time become a real team, in order to succeed in the work given. We are BIM is the collective project in which I am involved, with the only difference that this was the only class where us, students, could choose our members – contrarily to our core classes.


The aim of this project is to show the public who are the students of our Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme. This is made possible through an excellent social media, which is Instagram (@we_are_bim). We publish on a two/three-day basis pictures of bachelor students; these pictures involve overseas trips with their friends visiting countries, student ambassadors like me attending fairs in other countries, activities we do when going back in our home country, or more importantly what we do outside of school when we are in London.

BSc Valentines 2017 (2).jpg

Not only are we keeping up with social media, but we create events at school reuniting all students, whether they be only the Bachelors or also the Masters. This was the case when Eric, a member of our group and a passionate photographer, took pictures of many students to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many students were delighted to come and pose in front of the lens for a few seconds! We were also glad to have members of staff play along.

BSc Valentines 2017 (3).jpg

We hope these pictures will make our fellow students proud of ESCP Europe, and who knows, maybe this photo call brought Valentines together…

If you don’t want to miss any of the ESCP student events and news, add us! @we_are_bim

Guillaume Danloy



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