The Winter Series 10k Run at Regent’s Park

Hi, my name is Louis, I am a 1st year BSc. student, at the London campus. This year, the collective project I am part of, aims at fundraising money for a not-for-profit called “iDE”.

As part of our fundraising project, another group member and I participated in The Winter Series 10k at Regent’s Park, on December 11th. This race was organised by an association working to help Great Ormond Street Children Hospital.

The race took place on a sunny but cold Sunday morning. Maxime, the teammate whom with I ran, and I were actually not very motivated when we figured out how cold it was around 9am, the hour at which we picked up our race numbers and chips. We still took the start of the race. The race circuit consisted in three laps across Regent’s Park. It was very nice, especially with the beautiful weather. We also enjoyed the fact there were not too many runners, around 650. In the end, Maxime ran the 10k in about 50’, I finished the race in 42’.


Our objective is now to perform better at the next 10k, which will take place at Hyde Park, on January 29th. If you are interested in participating, here is the link for registration.

By the way, if you have one minute, and find our project interesting, check out our fundraising page, and do not hesitate to give something.

Thanks for reading!