Top Things to do in Brighton

By Gigi Wang

(English version first. Chinese version below)

Taking a train from central London, you can reach Brighton within one hour roughly. This fashionable seaside resort in East Sussex, England always be considered as a perfect day-trip or weekend-trip destination. No matter being with friends or being alone, no matter being keen on man made landscapes or natural scenery, you can always find what you want here.

Me in Brighton

Brighton has also been called the UK’s “hippest city”, and “the happiest place to live in the UK”. And indeed, the weekend I spent there created maybe one of the happiest times of all my travel experiences.

There are some great tours that you can take in this surprising place:

Man made landscapes:
Royal Pavilion – architectural buildingshistoric Sites

The historic former seaside residence of King George IV, who went nuts with “Chinese culture”. With extremely exquisite and dramatic adornments and decorations, this place is absolutely worth a look. But on the other hand, as a Chinese person, I can say that some things here were too quirky to show real Chinese culture or beauty.

Brighton Pier – boardwalks & theme parks

There is plenty for all visitors to do, from the huge amusement arcades and the carousel at the end of the pier to traditional fish and chips, also, a great place for photographs.

Brighton Pier

North Lane – shopping & cafes

An eclectic mix of fabulous shops and restaurants. The choices are wonderful and so it the ambiance and architecture. Independent shops here offer items that you will never find in London or other busy cities.

Just one part of North Lane

Natural scenery:
Brighton Beach – clean waves & rocks, nice walk

This beach has a unique appearance with round rocks all over the beach and nice little cafes and shops along the shore. Loved sitting in a seaside bar with a beer and just listening to the waves and sound of seagulls.

Pebbles of Brighton Beach

Seven Sisters Country Park – spectacular white cliff, ups and downs, sheep & swans

Miles and miles of breathtaking coastline cliff walks were worth taking for the more breathtaking view of this park. Living in London we usually only watch such places on the web but definitely such scenic beauty should be on must-see list for everyone. By the way, one of the main scenes of the movie “Atonement” was filmed here,  as well as Jay Chou’s music video “What’s Going On.”



Gigi Wang





Royal Pavilion – 建筑,历史古迹

这个宫殿曾是King George IV的海边行宫,而这位国王一向迷恋中国文化,这也促就了此行宫中极其精致和夸张的装潢,就此而言,是绝对值得一看的。但是在另一方面,精巧、荒诞、哗众取宠绝对不是中国文化的代表,所以这个宫殿对于中国人来说,有着另一层思考意义。

Brighton Pier – 夹板&主题公园, 水乐园&电玩城


North Laine – 购物&小憩



Brighton Beach – 干净的海浪和岩石滩,徒步观光


Seven Sisters Country Park – 壮观的白色悬崖,攀登,绵羊&天鹅




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