Hidden London Tips!

By Theresa Seitz.

From restaurants, to hidden bars to art exhibitions and much more…Any better place to study than London? I don’t think so 😉

Hi! My name is Theresa Seitz and I am German. Before starting at ESCP I moved a lot between my hometown Frankfurt and London, but actually living in London made me admire the city to the fullest.


Living in West-Hampstead, a little away from the typical turbulent and fast-paced London, has indeed its advantages, especially to us students. However it is nice to get out sometimes and explore the city life.

Finding places that are different to others is one of my little obsessions and I would like to share a few restaurants and other spots that I think are worth a visit or even multiple ones!

“NAC”, short for North-Audly-Cantine, is a small restaurant with a French touch in Mayfair. It is not the usual upscale Mayfair setting though and rather a place that combines great comfort food with a charming atmosphere at reasonable prices. Besides they have a bar downstairs, “Mr Chow”, with superb cocktails.

One of my favourite spots for Italian cuisine is “Chichetti” near Piccadilly Circus. I am usually not a fan of restaurants near tourist attractions but I can certainly say that this one is indeed not a tourist trap. Going there with a group of friends is fun because you share all the dishes. The plates are small and are brought to the table as soon as they are ready, so there is no order. Exceptional quality of ingredients and you can taste a bit of Italy (hope my Italian friends can agree on that).

Once I randomly found a small street parallel to the busy Regents Street with a few restaurants, including “Momo”. It’s a Moroccan restaurant and definitely one of a kind. At the entrance you have a terrace where you can sit outside next to palm trees and it feels like a cozy garden; inside you have cool Marrakech-style interiors. Only after visiting it for a few times I found out that they have a hidden club/bar downstairs. If you fancy lunch, dinner, just a cup of Moroccan mint tea or drinks late at night- Momo promises a unique experience any time of the day.

It would a crime not to mention Camden Market! It literally offers everything your heart desires and this is nearly all I need to say to it. Just make sure you go there hungry, so you have the chance to taste multiple foods from all around the globe.

Another memorable restaurant experience was “Bodega Negra” in Soho. From the outside it is very well hidden and it looks anything but a restaurant, however once you are inside you’ll be invited to descend the staircase at the back of the shop and you find yourself in a groovy-looking Mexican restaurant. I really liked it but make sure to do bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.

“Sketch” is practically on top of my list because you will not find anything close as cool anywhere else. It consists of two bars, one restaurant (which is all pink), and a club-like oval shaped room on the weekends. I love that place for its Afternoon Tea in the famous Pink Room and its extraordinary cocktails at night.

For any art lover, London is the place to be.

Last month I had the pleasure to see the Frieze exhibition, which happens only once a year and definitely worth getting tickets for. Last weekend I visited the Royal Academy of Art that is currently showing Abstract Expressionism including some of my favourites, Pollock and Rothko.

Every month there are new galleries and exhibitions to be discovered and we can indeed call ourselves lucky to live in such metropolitan city. The website “Time-Out” keeps you updated about the most recent galleries and artists that are in town at the moment.

I also had the pleasure to see Placido Domingo playing in Nambucco at the Royal Opera house, which was breathtaking. If you are keen on seeing events in the Royal Opera House you should keep your eyes open because tickets sell out quickly – but also sometimes students are able to get tickets at a far cheaper price close to the day of the event.

Enjoy London!



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