A Fresh Start in London

By Salma Khalfi

Back to the 5th of September 2016, the very first day as a BIM student, when I really made it to London.


 It was a “fresh” start, an exciting start in the sparkling London, and a pure beginning at a high level Business School.  It was such a dream coming true to find myself living in the vibrant UK capital and especially, to be a student of such a “Grande École”. The first mid-term was the time to meet new friends, from China to the States, all involved and motivated enough to belong to this top group! It took me the first six weeks of the year to know everyone, and to realize that all are ambitious, open-minded and helpful, no matter their cultural background.

 A real business environment quickly evolved around us: meetings, conferences and firm presentations are occurring almost every day in ESCP’s halls and all of them present attractive opportunities, which make it quite difficult to not get an internship by the end of the year! I personally wasn’t expecting to get as many professional experiences as I have done so far.

 If I could describe the classes in two words, it would be instructive and entertaining. It may seem contradictory, but some professors can make lessons interesting and full of energy  even with the hardest topics, such as finance.  Four weeks flew by and I could see the exams approaching.  All of the teachers are highly productive and accessible, making exam preparation as efficient as possible. The programme is indeed a demanding one, but working regularly on the class material and keeping up with the classes is not that difficult.

 The best part is to enjoy holidays, right after the exams, while writing you this brief summary of the beginning of a wonderful experience. It was the first mid-term for me as a Bachelor student, and indeed just the start – my “fresh” start.


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