A Fresh Start in London

By Salma Khalfi

Back to the 5th of September 2016, the very first day as a BIM student, when I really made it to London.


 It was a “fresh” start, an exciting start in the sparkling London, and a pure beginning at a high level Business School.  It was such a dream coming true to find myself living in the vibrant UK capital and especially, to be a student of such a “Grande École”. The first mid-term was the time to meet new friends, from China to the States, all involved and motivated enough to belong to this top group! It took me the first six weeks of the year to know everyone, and to realize that all are ambitious, open-minded and helpful, no matter their cultural background.

 A real business environment quickly evolved around us: meetings, conferences and firm presentations are occurring almost every day in ESCP’s halls and all of them present attractive opportunities, which make it quite difficult to not get an internship by the end of the year! I personally wasn’t expecting to get as many professional experiences as I have done so far.

 If I could describe the classes in two words, it would be instructive and entertaining. It may seem contradictory, but some professors can make lessons interesting and full of energy  even with the hardest topics, such as finance.  Four weeks flew by and I could see the exams approaching.  All of the teachers are highly productive and accessible, making exam preparation as efficient as possible. The programme is indeed a demanding one, but working regularly on the class material and keeping up with the classes is not that difficult.

 The best part is to enjoy holidays, right after the exams, while writing you this brief summary of the beginning of a wonderful experience. It was the first mid-term for me as a Bachelor student, and indeed just the start – my “fresh” start.


From a small town to a big city

By Plarenta Deshishku

Almost everyone dreams of living in a metropolitan city and my dream has not been any different. Being born and raised in a small town like Kosovo, I have often found myself daydreaming about living in a city where the opportunities are endless, the culture is diverse, and the nightlife is vibrant. I am lucky enough to have had the chance to experience my dream and actually live in one of the centres of civilisation – London. Having spent my whole life living comfortably in a small town, adapting to a big city has sometimes been daunting. However, being a person who likes change and is very ambitious,  moving to London has been the best thing that could have happened to me.

I will not deny the fact that London is expensive, busy, and cloudy, yet it has everything that I need, and only now I know why Londoners love London so much.

During my stay here, I have already had the chance to meet so many wonderful and inspiring individuals who have helped me in my self-definition process. I have also made a lot of new friends who are playing a huge part in ensuring that I have the best year of my life.

One of the things that I value most here is the fact that I had the chance to reinvent  myself. London has been an eye opener for me, I have challenged my beliefs and perspectives so many times just in the past two months of living here. This has happened mainly because I have had to observe things from the outside. This process has made me question my original beliefs, and values which were influenced by my upbringing.

The next big advantage of living in London is that there is never a shortage of new places to explore. There is always something happening, and something new to see and do, so there is never any reason to be bored when you live here.

I am super excited to live in London, and I look forward to what this city has to offer me next!

Plarenta photo.jpg
Me (on the right) and one of my classmates discovering the city.

The First Impression

By Giacomo Marogna

The 1st of September we had our first school day and now we already passed our first mid terms exams. I left my tiny little home country, called Luxembourg, more or less two months ago in order to join the Bachelor program of ESCP and I think it is time for a summary.

At the beginning the overwhelming internationality of the Bachelor students can be confusing. You might not remember all the names of the people and where they come from but trust me after one or two weeks you will be fine and feel at your ease with everybody. What really impressed me from the first moment on was this truly international environment offered by ESCP Europe. It is just amazing what a multicultural group of students we are. Everyone speaks several languages and each of us has experienced different cultural backgrounds. It makes it really amazing to exchange opinions and share experiences with the people.

Bachelor in Management – Class of 2019 – on our first day at ESCP Europe.

It didn’t take a long time to get to know each other and quickly our Bachelor group got to know the different pubs of West Hampstead. The after school meetings at the ‘Black Lion’, where we share good moments (and some beers), started to become a habit.  The awesome home parties, which take place during the weekends, are another great opportunity to get to know everybody from the program.

London’s nightlife scene offers great spots for every taste; from Techno to Hip-Hop there is really something for everybody. The clubs in here might be expensive in general but they are worth it. You will be able to listen to some of the world greatest DJs here in London, making every night out in London a new unique experience.

So that’s what my first impression of ESCP Europe London looked liked. And I am already looking forward to the many exciting adventures waiting for us in London.