By Estevan Vilar, BSc in Management – Class of 2018

I have been living in Madrid since the end of August. After experiencing some hot days (42-43°C), it is now cooling a little bit.   Compared to the previous year in London, Madrid is ridiculously cheap ! Enjoying some “Claras” (beers with lemonade) or “Cañas” (small beers) and tapas on “terrazas” for a couple of euros (5-10€) is particularly pleasant.

Moreover, Madrid’s nightlife is calling every single night of the week. From beer-pong tournaments to Bachata/Salsa dancing sessions, you will never run out of plans.
Finally, concerning the school (yes we also need to work a little bit at ESCP Europe), the campus is smaller than in London but still comfortable. There is a great possibility of interactions with students from different programs and the food is really tasty! Moreover, the atmosphere is easygoing and teachers are really kind and helpful.
I already fell in love in Madrid and I am definitely looking forward to spending the rest of my academic year here.

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