Adapting myself from High School to University: the differences, similarities and surprises.

Hi! My name is Aylin B. and I am German. I have spent my life moving between France and Germany. In the last years I lived in Munich and attended the German-French High-School, Lycée Jean Renoir. I had the opportunity to take the Abibac curriculum, which gave me both the French Baccalauréat and the German Abitur.

Passing from High School to University was a change for me. I want to tell you about my experience transitioning from High School to ESCP Europe.

During the entire summer I wasn’t anxious at all about the idea of moving away from home. I was very excited to experience a bigger city, meet new people and to be able to study the subjects that I am interested in. However, as September was approaching I became much more nervous. It was at that point that I realized that I was going to be on my own, in a new huge city with people that were all unknown to me.

However, once I arrived in London many of my worries were gone. I quickly noticed that everyone was in the same situation as I was. Everyone I met was friendly and open.

One huge advantage of studying in small groups was that I got to meet and know all my classmates very fast. I had already an idea of who was who. Before we even met ESCP had created for us a Facebook group, where we got to meet already virtually through the internet. We had then even created a WhatsApp group where students started meeting up before classes started. We all quickly formed a group and got along really well. We meet up after class all the time and even did a day trip to Windsor with our professor!

A major difference that ESCP has compared to different Universities is the variety of teaching methods, which I really enjoy. We have lectures, of course where the theory is taught. However, we also work in seminar groups (which are even smaller). We also were put into teams of 4 or 5, where we hold presentations, do group projects and write reports together. For instance, my team and I had to create a presentation about a company. We choose McDonald’s and we had fun getting creative with this project. Lastly, I also study with an online program to learn Spanish. This program makes me learn Spanish in a very interactive and fun way. With all these different studying ways, the workload seems so much less and is much more enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed my first post and see you soon!

 Aylin B.


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