Studying & Living in London

Hi! I am Brigitta Vilmos from Hungary. I finished high school in June 2015 and started my Bachelor studies at the London Campus of ESCP Europe in September 2015.

Just a little bit about me:

  • My dream job is to work for one of the top consulting companies, and a Bachelor degree from ESCP Europe can give me the perfect basis to achieve this. I am mostly interested in doing aviation consulting.
  • My native language is Hungarian, I speak fluent English, intermediate German and now I am studying Italian.
  • I have so many favourite places, I love Monaco and Venice, because both of them are stunninglybeautiful, and are like a jewellery box. I also very much enjoy the mountains, both in winter for skiing and in summer for trail running.
  • Until the age of 17, I was a junior tennis player in Hungary. My best ranking was N10. Unfortunately now I am having a wrist injury which makes it difficult to play, so now daily running is my passion.

So, my experiences so far living in London and studying at ESCP Europe!


In our class there are 47 students, from 16 different countries, most of us from Europe, but we also have students from South America and from Asia. It’s amazing how much we can learn from each other as we are working on our projects and presentations.

ESCP Europe is really different from all the other universities. Not only is our program quite unique, but teaching is also special. In lectures we have constant communication between the students and the professors, we have the opportunity to ask questions, and to express our opinions. Whenever we have questions outside of the lessons, we can write the professors an e-mail and they are always fast to help.

The teaching method is also unique, as it concentrates on the practical aspects, this is the reason why we have many group works and a collective project. They are all aimed at teaching us how to cooperate with each other, how to do a research, how to organise our tasks and how to keep deadlines. These are all important skills for a manager.

The career office at ESCP is really efficient. We get advice on how to write a CV, and they organise career fairs, company presentations and send us internship opportunities.

As we are a small campus, Bachelor and Masters students spend their breaks together, which means that we don’t only have friends from our class, but from other programs too. There are many social programs and events in the school, where Bachelor and Master students can be together, like the Welcome Party in September, the Jingle Bell Rock in December, dinner events organised by different societies, football and other sporting events.

It is really easy to live in London by yourself. Although this is an expensive city, students have many opportunities to buy groceries, to go out and have fun, to do some shopping etc. Public transportation is really efficient, but expensive, and you can get anywhere you want really quickly either by underground or by bus. As so many people are studying in London, there are many student programs in the city, and students receive discounts in many places.

I share a flat with two of my classmates, a girl from Germany and a guy from France. We rent a flat a few minutes from the Campus. Its location is perfect, it is close to the school, close to the supermarkets, close to the bus and the underground station, I very much like living there. We get on well with each other, of course sometimes we have smaller disagreements, but I think these are inevitable when you are living with strangers.

I look forward to telling you more about my life at ESCP Europe!



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