My experiences so far

Hey everyone!

My name is Marie Z and I’m originally from Paris. I have been living in London for 8 years, studying at the Lycee Français Charles de Gaulles!

Having grown up in a very entrepreneurial environment I have always had the ambition to, one day, create my own company! 🙂

I have had the chance to live in three different countries (for now), which gave me the possibility to discover new cultures and learn new languages: French, English and Spanish. Looking forward to my next challenge, starting to learn German next semester! 😉

When I first came to ESCP Europe in June for my interview, I found the school very small compared to the English universities but very cozy, well-located and with a nice atmosphere. We are a very small group of only 50 students, which has pros and cons but mainly pros!

– First of all you know all your classmates and you make really close friends who can be with you for the next 2 years!

– Secondly you have the chance to socialize with the master students and to be invited to their societies and events!! For instance, I’m currently enrolled in 2 societies: Wikistage (below) and the Entrepreneurship society.

Wikistage Event

Moving on, I was very lucky to move in a student accommodation even though I have a home in London. Student accommodation is the best way to meet other student from other universities and have total freedom from parents and sibling! I strongly recommend you that as it’s One of the BEST times of your student life so don’t miss it! My accommodation is Nido West Hampstead, which is only 15 min away by foot from the School. I share my floor/apartment with 7 other students and 3 of them are also in the Bachelor program, which is awesome! Also, as I love tennis, I was lucky that there were some tennis court only 10 min away from the accommodation.


Living in London for the 1st year is great for me as I still have my family here. However, as I am not living with them anymore and as I am now 18, I can party all the time with my friends! ESCP offers a wide range of social event and parties so that we can socialize with everyone. For instance for the Christmas event in December with my two best friends Ellen and Fabia we are going to dress as angels and maybe win a bottle of champagne? 😉 We’ll see! Marie Z.





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