First Impressions


Hi, I’m Gianluca P and I am Italian, Croatian and Swiss but have lived my whole life abroad.

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I’d like to let you know a little more about me:

  • I have lived 14 years in Shanghai where I attended primary, secondary and high school at the French School of Shanghai
  • My dream career is still quite blurry for me. I have interests in Economics (mostly Macro), Marketing, and Human Resources and would consider a career involving these fields.
  • I speak Italian, French, Croatian, English and Chinese (Mandarin)
  • My favourite place to be is in bed. As place to live I would say Shanghai (almost equal with Tokyo and Paris). I have travelled a lot with my parents and I can’t say I have only known the city where I stayed all my life. I believe Shanghai is one of the most dynamic, incredible and developed metropolises in the world, where life isn’t expensive and you never get bored. A great place for growing up open-minded.
  • Something people may not know about me is that I can make my chin dance.

My first impressions of ESCP Europe are extremely positive. When I first met and spoke to my classmates, I immediately saw the students were relatively social and multicultural. I felt like I knew them for a long time and it was easy to get along with them. My first impressions of the professors was even more positive: the quality of the professors is such that you actually want to listen to the subject you don’t like.

The London campus is really beautiful from the outside (looks like Hogwarts), and very comfortable to study in and live in on the inside. I also felt like almost everything is at our disposal. The only thing I could complain about is the position of the campus in London, which I would like to be more central.

Life as a student in London has its strong pros but also heavy cons! The good thing about London is that it is a beautiful city, with great architecture and great monuments to see. In my opinion, it is very easy to use public transports and easy to move in the city generally. Going out to cinemas, restaurants, for shopping shows many choices and finally, the nightlife is also dynamic and usually not deceiving. Another exciting point about London is that there are always festivals, concerts, specials events, etc.  You can find many interesting places for tourists and there will always be more tourists than London locals. However, the city in undeniably expensive. This includes the prices for accommodation and public transport (compared to where I was last year, paying about 1 pound to cross the whole city, Shanghai). Same experience for buying groceries.

I’m overall happy with my accommodation. It is 5 minutes away from my campus, and 5 minutes away from Tesco, which is really convenient in case you need something really quickly from either place. It is also 20 minutes away from the city centre by tube. As for the flat itself, I am also satisfied, the price is considerably cheap compared to student residences. My flatmates and I have all the necessary equipment, electricity isn’t expensive. However, gas is expensive and necessary, otherwise you freeze to death in winter!



Adapting myself from High School to University: the differences, similarities and surprises.

Hi! My name is Aylin B. and I am German. I have spent my life moving between France and Germany. In the last years I lived in Munich and attended the German-French High-School, Lycée Jean Renoir. I had the opportunity to take the Abibac curriculum, which gave me both the French Baccalauréat and the German Abitur.

Passing from High School to University was a change for me. I want to tell you about my experience transitioning from High School to ESCP Europe.

During the entire summer I wasn’t anxious at all about the idea of moving away from home. I was very excited to experience a bigger city, meet new people and to be able to study the subjects that I am interested in. However, as September was approaching I became much more nervous. It was at that point that I realized that I was going to be on my own, in a new huge city with people that were all unknown to me.

However, once I arrived in London many of my worries were gone. I quickly noticed that everyone was in the same situation as I was. Everyone I met was friendly and open.

One huge advantage of studying in small groups was that I got to meet and know all my classmates very fast. I had already an idea of who was who. Before we even met ESCP had created for us a Facebook group, where we got to meet already virtually through the internet. We had then even created a WhatsApp group where students started meeting up before classes started. We all quickly formed a group and got along really well. We meet up after class all the time and even did a day trip to Windsor with our professor!

A major difference that ESCP has compared to different Universities is the variety of teaching methods, which I really enjoy. We have lectures, of course where the theory is taught. However, we also work in seminar groups (which are even smaller). We also were put into teams of 4 or 5, where we hold presentations, do group projects and write reports together. For instance, my team and I had to create a presentation about a company. We choose McDonald’s and we had fun getting creative with this project. Lastly, I also study with an online program to learn Spanish. This program makes me learn Spanish in a very interactive and fun way. With all these different studying ways, the workload seems so much less and is much more enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed my first post and see you soon!

 Aylin B.

Studying & Living in London

Hi! I am Brigitta Vilmos from Hungary. I finished high school in June 2015 and started my Bachelor studies at the London Campus of ESCP Europe in September 2015.

Just a little bit about me:

  • My dream job is to work for one of the top consulting companies, and a Bachelor degree from ESCP Europe can give me the perfect basis to achieve this. I am mostly interested in doing aviation consulting.
  • My native language is Hungarian, I speak fluent English, intermediate German and now I am studying Italian.
  • I have so many favourite places, I love Monaco and Venice, because both of them are stunninglybeautiful, and are like a jewellery box. I also very much enjoy the mountains, both in winter for skiing and in summer for trail running.
  • Until the age of 17, I was a junior tennis player in Hungary. My best ranking was N10. Unfortunately now I am having a wrist injury which makes it difficult to play, so now daily running is my passion.

So, my experiences so far living in London and studying at ESCP Europe!


In our class there are 47 students, from 16 different countries, most of us from Europe, but we also have students from South America and from Asia. It’s amazing how much we can learn from each other as we are working on our projects and presentations.

ESCP Europe is really different from all the other universities. Not only is our program quite unique, but teaching is also special. In lectures we have constant communication between the students and the professors, we have the opportunity to ask questions, and to express our opinions. Whenever we have questions outside of the lessons, we can write the professors an e-mail and they are always fast to help.

The teaching method is also unique, as it concentrates on the practical aspects, this is the reason why we have many group works and a collective project. They are all aimed at teaching us how to cooperate with each other, how to do a research, how to organise our tasks and how to keep deadlines. These are all important skills for a manager.

The career office at ESCP is really efficient. We get advice on how to write a CV, and they organise career fairs, company presentations and send us internship opportunities.

As we are a small campus, Bachelor and Masters students spend their breaks together, which means that we don’t only have friends from our class, but from other programs too. There are many social programs and events in the school, where Bachelor and Master students can be together, like the Welcome Party in September, the Jingle Bell Rock in December, dinner events organised by different societies, football and other sporting events.

It is really easy to live in London by yourself. Although this is an expensive city, students have many opportunities to buy groceries, to go out and have fun, to do some shopping etc. Public transportation is really efficient, but expensive, and you can get anywhere you want really quickly either by underground or by bus. As so many people are studying in London, there are many student programs in the city, and students receive discounts in many places.

I share a flat with two of my classmates, a girl from Germany and a guy from France. We rent a flat a few minutes from the Campus. Its location is perfect, it is close to the school, close to the supermarkets, close to the bus and the underground station, I very much like living there. We get on well with each other, of course sometimes we have smaller disagreements, but I think these are inevitable when you are living with strangers.

I look forward to telling you more about my life at ESCP Europe!


My experiences so far

Hey everyone!

My name is Marie Z and I’m originally from Paris. I have been living in London for 8 years, studying at the Lycee Français Charles de Gaulles!

Having grown up in a very entrepreneurial environment I have always had the ambition to, one day, create my own company! 🙂

I have had the chance to live in three different countries (for now), which gave me the possibility to discover new cultures and learn new languages: French, English and Spanish. Looking forward to my next challenge, starting to learn German next semester! 😉

When I first came to ESCP Europe in June for my interview, I found the school very small compared to the English universities but very cozy, well-located and with a nice atmosphere. We are a very small group of only 50 students, which has pros and cons but mainly pros!

– First of all you know all your classmates and you make really close friends who can be with you for the next 2 years!

– Secondly you have the chance to socialize with the master students and to be invited to their societies and events!! For instance, I’m currently enrolled in 2 societies: Wikistage (below) and the Entrepreneurship society.

Wikistage Event

Moving on, I was very lucky to move in a student accommodation even though I have a home in London. Student accommodation is the best way to meet other student from other universities and have total freedom from parents and sibling! I strongly recommend you that as it’s One of the BEST times of your student life so don’t miss it! My accommodation is Nido West Hampstead, which is only 15 min away by foot from the School. I share my floor/apartment with 7 other students and 3 of them are also in the Bachelor program, which is awesome! Also, as I love tennis, I was lucky that there were some tennis court only 10 min away from the accommodation.


Living in London for the 1st year is great for me as I still have my family here. However, as I am not living with them anymore and as I am now 18, I can party all the time with my friends! ESCP offers a wide range of social event and parties so that we can socialize with everyone. For instance for the Christmas event in December with my two best friends Ellen and Fabia we are going to dress as angels and maybe win a bottle of champagne? 😉 We’ll see! Marie Z.